Sunday, 17 January 2010


Sunday morning; the perfect day for deep diving! You get up early and it’s really cold outside but you’re not worried as you’ll be warm and dry on your dive. 50 metres is your planned depth and you’re looking forward to enjoying the effects of nitrogen narcosis without the worry of acting foolishly whilst diving. Too good to be true? No, we’re on our way to Murrayfield Hyperbaric Chamber (and not in the back of an ambulance!)

Sub-Mission definitely rates the day trip to the Hyperbaric facility as one of the best days out and on Sunday 24th January 2010 the dive club will be visiting the chamber. The itinerary is a presentation followed by a 50 metre dry dive. The presentation itself is extremely beneficial to all divers as topics covered include the facility itself, the mechanics of decompression sickness, signs and symptoms, treatment and how to stay conservative and avoid decompression sickness.

The actual dive itself is one of the most hilarious experiences available without alcohol. Due to the increased density of the gas the vocal chords begin to vibrate causing everyone to speak like they’ve spent the last hour inhaling helium! Combine this with the narcotic and euphoric effects of nitrogen narcosis and you have mayhem. Its laughter all round as you reach 50m and the odd chorus of “Night Fever” strikes up and one of the group begins to dance in the middle. Cameras and microphones allow everyone outside to cringe as you laugh, cackle and giggle all the way back to the surface and everyone wants to back down again.

Dive computers can be put in the bucket and log books are stamped as proof of the dive. The trip is a must for all divers and we’re planning the next day out on January 24th. Make sure you book early to confirm your place!

The minimum age for this event is 16 with the minimum level of PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent. The experience is great value at only £25 per person and as spaces are limited to 15, be quick to reserve your place.

Reservations may be made on-line by clicking here. Payment for this event is cash only, so be sure to secure your place on-line, then come along to the dive centre to make payment.

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